Active Storm Cell Visualization and Statistics

Disclaimer: This visualization is experimental and for informational purposes only. Storm-cell characteristics are algorithmically determined and are not human-issued warnings. False positives may occur. Life and death decisions should not be made using these data. For radar and official warnings, use the Severe Weather Browser

Active Storm Cells Visualization

• Tornadic - Radar detects a potential tornadic vortex signature (TVS).
• Rotating - A high probability of significant rotation is detected.
• Hail - A high probability of hail size estimated at .25" or greater.
• General - All other storm cells

By Storm Cell Category

Note: Storm cells that meet multiple criteria are categorized with the most severe category.

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By State
Direction of Storm Motion
Speed (mph)
Storm Top (1000 ft)
Hail Probabilities (%)
Est. Hail Size (inches)
Precip Rate (dBZ)
VIL (kg/m2)