iWeatherNet/StormNet™ Data and Custom Services

The information on this website is provided at no cost. I also provide custom services at no cost to certain individuals and organizations. Please contact me if you have any questions. My vitae is here: LinkedIn


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Services Free of Charge:

  • Use of this website and forecasts that I provide on social media
  • Forecasts/decision support for local governments
  • Forecasts/decision support for emergency managers, DOT, and law enforcement
  • Forecasts/decision support for school superintendents
  • Media consultation (scanner pages, TV/newspaper interviews, weather columns, etc.)
  • Educational outreach (educational documents, graphics, school talks, etc.)

Fee Based Services:

I offer custom services which are extremely time consuming. Again, there is no charge for educational outreach, or for services rendered to governmental agencies and the media, as discussed above. Fee-based services apply mainly to commercial and legal entities:

  • Historical-event data analyses and documentation
  • Event reconstruction for litigation/insurance purposes
  • Expert testimony
  • Custom forecasts for the commercial sector


For more information, please use the contact form.