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What was the Lowest Wind Chill Ever Recorded in Atlanta, Georgia?

The first wind chill equations based on actual physics have existed for over 70 years (1945). However, it seems that the adoption by the National Weather Service of the wind chill concept was slow. For Atlanta, the earliest wind chill record appears to be January 1, 1960. Using the data available since that date, the lowest wind chill value that I have found is -31.7ºF on January 21, 1985. In the table below, I have included the top-20 coldest wind chill values that appear in the existing data record back to 1960. Granted, the period of record isn’t as long as we’d like for it to be, but it is sufficient to provide some insight into the climatological ranges that we can expect for this part of the country:

DateRankMin Wind Chill

NWS Peachtree City Criteria for Issuing a Wind Chill Advisory or Warning

A Wind Chill Watch is issued when forecasters at the NWS in Atlanta determine that there is at least a 50% chance for wind chills colder than -10°F within the next 24 to 48 hours. In northern Georgia, a Wind Chill Watch is extremely rare; we tend to see them more often in the northeast Georgia mountains than we do in metro Atlanta.

A Wind Chill Warning is issued when there is an 80% chance or greater that the wind chill will fall below -10ºF within the next 12 to 36 hours. As always, a Warning is an upgrade from a Watch. The criteria for both a Watch and a Warning are the same except that a Warning means the event is imminent with a probability of occurrence greater than 80%. Wind Chill Warnings are extremely rare in Georgia.

A Wind Chill Advisory is much more common than either a Watch or Warning. For an Advisory to be issued, there must be a high probability that wind chill values colder than 5ºF (5 above) will occur within the next 24 to 36 hours. Like any other form of weather advisory, a Wind Chill Advisory is issued when life-threatening conditions are expected, but do not meet warning criteria.

Note: Referring back to the table above that lists the twenty lowest wind chill values on record for Atlanta, Georgia since 1960 (i.e., since the adoption of wind chill calculations by the NWS in Atlanta), the wind chill has been colder than -10ºF only 20 times. Granted, that statistic is a bit misleading because each occurrence was counted a single event; in reality, some of those occurred within the same 24-hour period (i.e., during the same meteorological event). If we isolate those, we see that there are only about 15 “meteorological events” that created wind chills lower than -10ºF in Atlanta. It’s interesting to note that these events were occurring with regularity… on the order of two to three times each decade between 1960 and 1996. In the twenty years following 1996, no such event has occurred.

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