Snow Accumulation (Current): Snow Depth & Percent Coverage

Our high-resolution maps of accumulated snowfall are updated several times a day for the United States and much of Canada.

Snow Cover Map (Current - High-Resolution)

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Today's Snow-Cover Percent, Depth, & Liquid Equivalent (SWE)

These stats include the total area and fraction/percent of the United States covered by snow, the average depth, and the range of depths across the nation. Snow cover stats for last month are also shown. We also include other data, such as the SWE (snow-water equivalent).

March 2, 2024
  Area Covered By Snow:14.7%
  Area Covered Last Month:19.9%
Snow Depth
  Average:2.9 in
  Minimum:0.0 in
  Maximum:2967.7 in
  Std. Dev.:11.7 in
Snow Water Equivalent
  Average:0.8 in
  Minimum:0.0 in
  Maximum:1772.4 in
  Std. Dev.:3.9 in

Educational Information about Snowstorms

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