The WeatherNet Team

Chris Robbins, Meteorologist

Chris Robbins, Meteorologist

Chris Robbins, Founder & Chief Meteorologist

Chris has been a professional meteorologist for nearly two decades. His formal education includes a bachelor’s degree (B.S.) and master’s degree (M.S.) in atmospheric science/meteorology from the University of Oklahoma’s School of Meteorology, along with a minor in mathematics. He is the founder of iWeatherNet. Chris Robbins possesses significant skill at forecasting all mesoscale and synoptic-scale systems, including heavy rain events, severe convection and mesoscale convective systems, winter storms, Arctic airmass intrusion, freezing rain, Appalachian cold-air damming, and rare meteorological events. He specializes in winter storm dynamics and prediction. His primary forecast and consulting regions are the Southern Plains and the Southeast, including both the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and the Atlanta metro. Read More...
Jeff Haby

Jeff Haby, Meteorologist

Jeff Haby, Meteorologist

Jeff Haby (aka Habytime) holds a bachelor's and master's degree in meteorology. Jeff has been fascinated by weather from an early age, beginning with a memorable, violent thunderstorm in the Dallas, TX area. As a child, Jeff was further inspired by watching Dallas' highly respected television forecasters, including Troy Dungan and Harold Taft, and many hours spent watching the Weather Channel. Into his teenage years and early adulthood, Jeff never had any doubts about his passion and career goals. Ultimately, Jeff completed the mathematically and physically rigorous coursework in meteorology at the University of Oklahoma; upon graduation, he matriculated to Mississippi State University where he completed his graduate studies in operational meteorology. As a professional meteorologist, Jeff is devoted to educating college students and the general public about atmospheric science, especially severe weather, synoptic meteorology, atmospheric thermodynamics, and weather analysis/forecasting. Jeff’s students often comment that he has a unique talent for explaining complex meteorological concepts in an understandable and applicable way. Jeff will join the iWeatherNet team, bringing his invaluable experience in operational meteorology, academia, and hundreds of technical/educational writings. Jeff will be a contributor at iWeatherNet, helping to expand the educational content on Jeff currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado and is fascinated with the wild Colorado weather including snow storms, hail storms, severe convection, and very dynamic weather events and the drastic weather changes that they bring.
Wayne Flynn, Programmer

Wayne Flynn, Programmer

Wayne Flynn, Technology Administrator and Programmer

Wayne holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from UCLA (1993). He has fifteen years of experience developing software for both the public and private sectors, including GIS, document imaging, weather data, and website development. In 2008, Wayne created a near real-time weather alert distribution system by processing data feeds, combining tabular data and GIS in order to also display weather data on the internet. Previous work includes custom data entry software for a busy imaging service bureau, and an intranet-based document management/retrieval system for county assessment and taxation records. Wayne is an avid photographer, home coffee bean roaster, and runner. He owns three border collies and lives just outside of Portland, Oregon.

Tiffany Beatty-Patel

Tiffany Beatty-Patel, Human Resource/Public Relations Officer and Social Media Administrator

Tiffany Beatty-Patel is a human resource/public relations officer and social media administrator for iWeatherNet. Tiffany is also a co-founder of DFW Storm Support, a networking group for those who suffer severe storm anxiety.  She was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, is a devoted mother of four, loves helping those who cope with weather phobias overcome their fear, and is avid weather enthusiast.

Cassie McQueary

Cassie McQueary, Human Resource/Public Relations Officer and Social Media Administrator

Cassie McQueary is a human resource/public relations officer and social media administrator for iWeatherNet. Cassie is also the founder of DFW Storm Support, a networking group for those who suffer severe storm anxiety.  She is a devoted mother of two and wife.  She was born and raised in Texas where she has lived her entire life. She studied 3 years of sign language, enjoys writing, and loves science & nature; Cassie loves weather and is intrigued by the atmosphere's predictability through complex mathematics. She was drawn to iWeatherNet because of Chris Robbins' forecasting style. Cassie remarked, "he doesn't hype his forecasts or use dramatic wording that would scare those of us with storm phobias; if he mentions 'tornadoes' in a forecast -- it means something. Conversely, when he doesn't use such terms while the others in town are, that also means something, and we notice those subtleties." She loves to help others, and always tries to lend an ear to those who suffer from storm anxiety.

Unveiling the Future of Weather: Join Our Team!

Greetings, weather enthusiasts! We're thrilled to announce a momentous development with an expansion that will further our dedication to comprehensive and engaging weather coverage. As many of you know, we've long strived to provide insightful forecasts and captivating stories about the fascinating world of meteorology. Now, we're taking things to the next level.

We're actively seeking talented individuals – meteorologists, storm chasers, and dedicated reporters – to join our growing team. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to a dynamic platform that informs and resonates with a passionate audience.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding our platform enhancements and exciting developments on the horizon. The future of weather is bright, and we invite you to join us in shaping it.

As we bring in new meteorologists and storm chasers in 2024, their expertise will directly contribute to our upgraded mapping platforms. Imagine interactive, real-time visualizations that put you right in the heart of the storm, alongside our intrepid chasers! This is just a glimpse of the exciting future we're building, and we can't wait to share it with you.