Advertise on iWeatherNet

We would like to invite businesses that offer relevant products and services to advertise on iWeatherNet.

Relevant products and services include:

  • Contractor/handyman repair/cleanup
  • Roof repair, replacement
  • Automobile storm-damage repair
  • Gutter cleaning or replacement (removal of blockages/leaves, gutter cover installation)
  • Storm shelter installation
  • Window replacement
  • Fence repair/installation
  • Storm door & storm window installation
  • Building siding/gutter repair/replacement
  • Flood water removal/cleanup
  • Black mold treatment
  • Exterior home painting (following high wind/hail)
  • Weather station installation/repair
  • CCTV weather/security camera installation
  • Tree removal and cleanup (limbs, whole trees, stumps)
  • Golf carts
  • Sprinkler/irrigation systems
  • Outerwear
  • Solar energy panels
  • HVAC systems/companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Legal services
  • Others case by case…

Placement of Ads

Advertisers will be listed in the directory, and will also appear on negotiated pages.   Placement and exclusivity will be negotiated.  Ad rates are determined by the product, industry, and ad placement on the site.  Be advised that we adhere to Google’s linking guidelines. We also now have new availability on our Facebook page to sponsor storm chasers and weather banners.

Contact: or use the contact form

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