Active Storm Cell Visualization and Statistics

Disclaimer: This visualization is experimental and for informational purposes only. Storm-cell characteristics are algorithmically determined and are not human-issued warnings. False positives may occur. Life and death decisions should not be made using these data. For official warnings, use the Severe Weather Browser

Active Storm Cells Visualization


Note: Storm cells that meet multiple criteria are categorized with the most severe category.

● Tornadic - Radar detects a potential tornadic vortex signature (TVS).

● Rotating - A high probability of significant rotation is detected.

● Hail - A high probability of hail size estimated at .25" or greater.

● General - All other storm cells
By Storm Cell Category
By Storm Cell Category
By State

Speed (mph)

Storm Top (1000 ft)

Hail Probabilities (%)

Est. Hail Size (inches)

Precip Rate (dBZ)

VIL (kg/m2)