La Niña and Scorching Oceans: A Recipe for Hurricane Disaster

The Atlantic hurricane season may not officially unfurl until June 1st, but long term forecasters are already sounding the alarm with “serious and growing concerns” about an impending behemoth. Two key factors are fueling this anxiety: La Niña’s anticipated arrival and historically warm water temperatures across the Atlantic. La Niña’s Hurricane Boost: The current El … Read more

Storm Chasers Risk Lives to Capture Nature’s Fury

Storm chasers are a dedicated group of individuals who brave dangerous conditions to document and study severe weather phenomena like tornadoes, hurricanes, and typhoons. Their work provides invaluable data to scientists, meteorologists, and emergency responders, helping us better understand these powerful storms and improve our ability to predict and warn of their potential threats. In … Read more

Lightning Stats for Injuries & Fatalities since 1940

Since the 1940s, the annual number of fatalities from lightning has been decreasing. In 1940, lightning was the #1 weather-related killer. In 2023, the National Weather Service reported only 14 lightning-related fatalities. This downward trend highlights improved safety awareness and underscores the importance of seeking shelter during thunderstorms. How many people were killed by lightning … Read more

Record April Rainfall at DFW

North Texas experienced a record-breaking rainfall on Saturday! Widespread totals of 2″-4″ drenched the Metroplex, with DFW and Love Field setting new daily rain records. Surprisingly, this remarkable April downpour occurred without any severe weather. How much rain was in Dallas today? Areas southeast of the DFW metroplex are still adding to the totals tonight. … Read more

Don’t Wait for the Storm: Build a Safe Room Now

Climate change is a reality, and its effects on weather patterns are becoming increasingly apparent. Scientists warn that severe storms, including tornadoes, hurricanes, and intense thunderstorms, are likely to become more frequent and destructive. Waiting to prepare your home and family for these events is a dangerous gamble. The time to build a safe room, … Read more

Ohio is #1 in Nation for Tornado Count so far in 2024

Ohio is the new tornado capital (so far in 2024), tornado alley slowly sliding eastward. As we move further into 2024, the United States has experienced a significant number of tornadoes. With 171 confirmed tornadoes nationwide, it’s crucial to stay informed and prepared. Here’s the latest data on tornado occurrences: The Miami Valley, in particular, has seen … Read more

Could Cloud Seeding Have Worsened Dubai’s Floods?

Dubai Floods: The Truth About Cloud Seeding and Climate Change The devastating rains that recently flooded Dubai naturally raised questions about weather modification techniques like cloud seeding. However, social media has been ablaze with unfounded accusations blaming the floods on this technology. Let’s set the record straight and understand the real forces behind the extreme … Read more

100 years later, daylight saving time (DST) is still a thing

'Daylight Saving' postcard (1918)

Daylight saving time (DST) A Few Interesting Facts and Myths About Daylight Saving Time 1. Terminology: Daylight saving time, not “savings”. 2. Bottling daylight most of the year. In the United States, we spend about 65% of the year (~238 days) in daylight saving time. 3. Two states do not observe DST: Hawaii and Arizona, … Read more

When does DST return to standard time in 2024?

DST ends and clocks return to standard time (“fall back”) at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 3, 2024. States that do not observe the time change: Arizona (except for the Navajo Nation) and Hawaii. How did DST get started? We have compiled an brief, but very interesting, history of daylight saving time When does DST … Read more

Understanding Mesoanalysis Hodographs

Think of a hodograph as a visual snapshot of how the wind changes with altitude. It plots wind speed and direction at different heights, creating a line that reveals the atmosphere’s wind shear profile. In mesoanalysis, which focuses on smaller-scale weather, hodographs are essential tools for understanding the winds in a localized area. Why Hodographs … Read more

Texas Rainfall Amounts 24 to 72 Hours

Severe Weather Map | Dallas Forecast Texas Mesonet data for 24 to 72 hour precipitation: Texas rainfall maps for 24 to 72 hours are a valuable tool for anyone who wants to stay informed about upcoming weather conditions and make informed decisions about their activities. Areas in Texas with the Most Rain: Areas in Texas … Read more

Mount Etna’s Spectacular Smoke Ring Show

Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano, isn’t just about lava and ash! It has a mesmerizing trick up its sleeve – blowing perfect vortex rings of smoke and volcanic gas into the sky. These rings aren’t just a beautiful sight; they’re a rare glimpse into the complex dynamics of volcanic activity. So, how does it … Read more

Total Solar Eclipse Tips, Forecast and Cloud Cover

When will the next solar eclipse take place? If seeing this years #TotalSolarEclipse gets you addicted do not fear because there are several more coming up in the next decade: On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will cross North America, passing over parts of Mexico, the United States, and Canada. The eclipse will … Read more

How far away from a thunderstorm can lightning strike?

While injury from lightning strikes has increased since 1940, fatalities have decreased dramatically. In fact, lightning deaths have become exceedingly rare relative to other weather phenomena, but they still occur. The most dangerous lightning strikes are those that occur when our guard is down; lightning strikes from a sky that appears to be clear and … Read more

NYC Area Experiences Unusual Earthquake

Today’s earthquake near New York City was a startling event for residents of the tri-state area as hundreds of thousands of people called in to find out what caused the buildings to shake. Though infrequent, earthquakes do occur in this region, reminding us that these forces of nature aren’t limited to typical earthquake zones like … Read more

Is California’s Drought Over? La Niña Rains Bring Record-Breaking Totals

Los Angeles has recently experienced an exceptional amount of rainfall. The last two water years (October 1st to September 30th) have been the wettest back-to-back years since the late 1800s! This includes record-breaking storms bringing above-normal rainfall across several months. These intense storms are a welcome change after a prolonged period of drought. While it’s … Read more

Seeking Shelter from the Storm: Finding the Safest Haven

When severe weather threatens, knowing where to seek shelter saves lives. The safest place depends on the type of storm. For thunderstorms, staying inside your home is usually best. Avoid activities like showering or using wired electronics, as lightning and flash flooding pose risks. Tornadoes, however, demand the most secure shelter possible. In Oklahoma City, … Read more

Finding Public Storm Shelters: Be Prepared Before the Storm

Knowing where to find designated public shelters ahead of a severe storm is essential, especially if your home doesn’t offer sufficient protection. These shelters are often located in schools, community centers, or other reinforced buildings. Don’t wait until the last minute to seek this vital information. Start by checking your local government’s website or emergency … Read more

2024 Tropical Storm and Hurricane Names

Did you know your next big storm might be called “Hurricane Chris” or “Tropical Storm Patty”? Hurricane names aren’t just random – they follow a carefully planned system designed to make communication about these dangerous storms easier. For example, it’s much simpler for meteorologists and newscasters to say “Hurricane Hector” rather than trying to remember … Read more

Keep Our Maps Free: Unveiling the High Costs of Mapping Data

Keeping You Informed and Safe: The Challenge We understand the importance of providing you with free, high-quality maps with detailed zoom levels and various data layers. These maps are crucial for staying informed about weather patterns, navigating unfamiliar areas, and even ensuring safety. However, there’s a hidden cost behind these maps – the price of … Read more

Experience the Solar Eclipse on an Unforgettable RV Camping Trip

As we anticipate the 2024 solar eclipse, weather considerations become a crucial part of planning for the best viewing experience. The eclipse’s path of totality, stretching from Texas to Maine, promises a spectacular view, but only if the weather cooperates. Temperature fluctuations are common during an eclipse, with the sun’s warmth being momentarily blocked by … Read more

Record-Breaking Hail: The Largest and Most Destructive Hailstorms

Record-Breaking Hail: Oklahoma Storm Shatters Local Record Oklahoma recently experienced a record-breaking hailstorm. The National Weather Service measured a hailstone at a staggering 5.25 inches, making it the largest on record for the area since the 1950s. This massive hailstone nearly broke the state record. The storm caused significant damage, impacting approximately 170 cars at … Read more

Updated Colorado Snow Totals: Denver Metro, Foothills, and Mountain Regions

Got our first *5 foot* snow report (61.5″) from the March 2024 snowstorm in Colorado. Now three different 50″+ reports. Solidifies this as the biggest foothills storm since 2003. The recent Colorado snowstorm delivered extraordinary snowfall totals, with some areas exceeding four feet of accumulation. As skies clear and temperatures rise, the National Weather Service … Read more

Winter Weather Showdown: Farmers’ Almanac vs. Meteorologists

Did you bundle up for a brutal winter like the Farmer’s Almanac predicted for 2023-2024? Their forecast promised bone-chilling temperatures and above-average snowfall across most of the US. But how did it stack up against the predictions from meteorologists who rely on scientific data? The Farmer’s Almanac boasts an 80% accuracy rate for their long-range … Read more

How Many Days Until Spring 2024?

2024 Spring Equinox Tuesday, March 19, at 11:06 P.M. EDT So how many days are left until Spring? Spring 2024 Begins In When is the first day of spring 2024? Spring starts on Tuesday, March 19, 2024. The last day of spring is Thursday, June 20, 2024. What is the first full day of spring … Read more