How Many Days Until Fall 2019?

Fall 2019 Begins: Monday, September 23 at 3:50 am EDT Duration of Fall 2019: 89 days, 20 hours, 29 minutes Related: How many days until winter? Number of days until spring 2019?

When to set your clocks ahead one hour ("spring forward") for DST in 2019

DST in 2019: When to “spring forward” into daylight saving time

Daylight saving time (DST) begins:  Sunday, March 10th, 2019. ● When will DST end (return to standard time)? ● 2019 Countdown to Spring ● A few interesting DST tidbits ● Brief history of daylight saving time What is the Annual Duration of Daylight Saving Time? Answer: We spend 65% of the year, or 238 days, […]

date of time change from DST to standard time

When does DST return to standard time in 2019?

DST ends and clocks return to standard time (“fall back”) at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 3, 2019. ● States that do not observe the time change: Arizona (except for the Navajo Nation) and Hawaii. ● How did DST get started? We have compiled an brief, but very interesting, history of daylight saving time ● […]

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How Many Days Until Summer 2019?

2019 Summer Solstice Friday, June 21 at 11:54 am EDT Duration of Summer 2019: 93 days, 15 hours, 56 minutes How many days until summer? Countdown To Summer 2019    Related: Number of days until fall 2019 Number of days until winter

Days Until Winter 2019 Countdown

2019 Winter Solstice Saturday, December 21 at 11:19 pm EST Duration of Winter 2019: 88 days, 23 hours, 35 minutes How many days until winter? Winter 2019 Begins In How many days until the first day of spring 2019?

How Many Days Until Spring 2019?

2019 Spring Equinox Wednesday, March 20 at 5:59 pm EDT Duration of Spring 2019: 92 days, 17 hours, 55 minutes So how many days are left until Spring? Spring 2019 Begins In Related: How many days until summer? Number of days until fall 2019?