Southeast Interactive Radar (Real-time) and Predictive Radar (Forecast)

Note: The radar defaults to current data. To view the model-simulated radar (predictive), click "Future" at the bottom of the radar display.

How to use the Interactive Radar

How to use the Interactive Radar

Interactive Features: You can pan and zoom to any location. To see additional data, click the "layers" button in the lower right hand corner of the map then toggle data layers on/off as desired.

Future Radar: Click the "Future" link at the bottom of the radar map, then animate. This will show you a predictive radar for the next 24 hours based on model data. Please note: The predictive radar is based on model data and may not always reflect the forecasts of Robbins Meteorological Consulting/iWeatherNet.

Need Help? Click the image to the right to see a quick diagram of the interactive radar features and data layers.