Atlanta: Mid 70s on Wed (3/4), Arctic front Thursday (3/5)

For a brief moment, it will feel like spring in northern Georgia.  I expect temperatures on Wednesday (3/4) to be in the lower 70s.  However, an Arctic front will move through Atlanta on Thursday morning, with temperatures falling through the 30s.  Low temperatures Friday morning (3/6) will be in the lower 20s.

A lot of people have been asking me about winter precipitation at the end of the week. At this time I see no evidence or support for winter precipitation. This is based on a preponderance of all atmospheric data for the past few days. There are a few deceptive “model” images out there, but the Emperor has no clothes.

Temperature Animation (Prepared Monday 3/2)

This is a rough animation depicting the progression of the Arctic front and the dramatic temperature changes behind it.

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