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spaghetti model plot for hurricanes

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Recently resolved map issues: See How This Map Helps: Real Success Stories from Users Like You

  • “I occasionally drop by your ‘Future Radar’ in my math classroom as an example of mathematical uncertainty in a problem that is driven by chaos and subject to ‘butterfly effects.’ As a former pilot for the AF, I also like your graphical displays – I wish I had them back when I was flying. I noticed that the site used to offer predictions out near 5 days from the current day, and now is set at just a couple of days ahead. I was wondering if I could have access to longer length predictions, as that’s what really makes the point about the difficulty and variability of weather forecasts.” -a Mathematics Instructor [This issue has since been resolved]
  • “Thanks for your service but I’m in King George, checking rainfall. It says 0 for 72 hr accum but it’s non- zero for 48 and 24. How could the 72 hr accumulation ever be less than the other two? It can only increase over time, right?”
  • “Are the Zoom in and out features ever going to be fixed on this link? The DFW Mountainbikers really find this page useful because we could zoom into the trails and see how much precip a local trail got to see how long it would be closed due to mud. We really miss this page being useful with the Zoom feature!”
  • “What would it take re-implement the zoom capability? I own and operate a lawn service in southern Louisiana. The only reason I haven’t asked this question last year was because we were in a drought. In previous years when the zoom feature was an integral part of your site, it very beneficial. I could zoom in on a property and get the rain total. Now, the new format doesn’t allow you to zoom. Please re implement this feature.”
  • “For some time, I was able to zoom the rainfall total screen to my specific location., Now, and for the past week, at least, the zoom feature is not available. I’m wondering if there is a subscribed or premium version available which permit me to zoom in?”

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