Buy a Power Generator for Severe Weather Power Outages

Every emergency guide out there suggests you get a backup generator to power your home after the electricity goes out, so learning more about home generators work and what they can do is a must if you want to be prepared. Hurricanes, winter storms and even simple outages can happen at any time; no matter what has wiped out your power,  spending even a few hours in a home without power is no fun at all.

At best, your kids and pets will be nervous and worried – at worst, your food will spoil and you’ll all suffer through uncomfortable temperatures and stale, cold meals. Having a backup home generator ready to go can eliminate these problems and help keep your family safe, too.

What to Look for When Buying a Power Generator for your Home

Automatic Operation

Automatic operation allows a generator to switch on the moment power goes out; you won’t have to hook things up, search for gasoline or do a fast readthrough of your manual while the lights are out. An automatic transfer switch allows the unit to swiftly notice that the home is without power – and switch the generator power on. Automated generators also switch off on their own when power has been restored. The automatic operation of this type of unit takes the guesswork out of powering your home in an emergency.

Fuel Options

The generator you’ll need to power your home when the electricity goes out runs on gasoline; so having a ready supply of gas on hand is a must. The least exensive unleaded gasoline will fuel your generator and allow you to power your home; generators run on the same type of gas that powers trucks and other vehicles.

Size and Capacity

The right generator for your home will depend on your needs and budget. Home generators come in a variety of sizes and can be used to power your entire home or just the most important circuits. The generator you need will depend on your home size, your budget and your emergency power goals. Is powering up the kitchen and main living space enough or do you want to power the entire home? Running your heating or air conditioner, powering electronics and watching television will naturally use more power than just keeping your food cold and your lights on.

Learning more about your home generator options well before a storm arrives allows you the luxury of time and the ability to make the right decision for your home and family. If you wait until the last minute, you might be left without power at all, or with a generator that isn’t really right for your home or needs. To learn more about your home power options or how to find the best home generators for your needs, contact us or follow our blog; we’re here for you when you need us most.

No matter which benefit of a generator appeals to you most, Generic Generators can keep your home powered up and running smoothly, no matter what the weather is like outside. Contact Generic to learn more about  your home generator options and to get more information on protecting your family and home.

Be Prepared In Case Of A Power Outage

As the winter months loom ahead, it’s time to start getting prepared in case of a power outage. Even if you don’t live in a cold weather area, storms can cause power outages that can leave you in the dark. Before you find yourself trying to find flashlights with a single lit match, start preparing now.

Take Note of the Items that Use Electricity in Your Home

It is important to take stock of the items you use every day that need electricity. Whether it is your tablet that you read with every night, or a more important nebulizer machine for a child that has asthma, have a backup plan in case you run out of power. In the case of medical equipment, make sure you have a battery backup for your device and that you keep it properly charged.

If the power is out for more than a day or two, you will be happy that you planned alternative power sources ahead of time. Your charged smart phone may be your only connection to the outside world, and you will be able to reach out if you need help using your phone.

Buy Flashlights and Batteries for Every Room in Your Home

Flashlights are cheap, and having a flashlight in every room ensures that one is always close by you if the power goes out. Make sure to buy plenty of batteries to keep you from sitting in the dark.

Invest in a Generator

Nothing is worse after a bad storm than hearing you will be out of power for more than a few days. Living without power is difficult, especially if the weather is cold. If you live in a cold weather climate and you don’t yet have a generator, it’s time to buy one. Find a generator that is right for your home, and make sure to follow all safety instructions. Of even greater importance is to have enough gas stored in your garage to keep the generator running while you wait for the electric company to restore power. A generator is worth the investment after one big storm, and you will be thrilled that you have it.

Keep Your Creature Comforts in Mind

If you are a coffee lover and you find yourself without power, this could be just enough to get you feeling sorry for yourself. Consider a camping coffee pot, and use an outdoor grill in order to heat up the pot. Likewise, consider having cold foods on standby that are both filling and enjoyable. Having a good snack stash and a pot of coffee brewing may make the difference between weathering a storm and getting overwhelmed.

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