How Many Tornadoes Have Been Confirmed in Texas So Far in 2024?

Texas, a state well-acquainted with tornadoes, is experiencing a particularly active 2024 season. As of June 14, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports a staggering 112 confirmed tornadoes have touched down in the Lone Star State. This number surpasses the previous year’s total and reflects a broader trend of increased tornado activity across the central United States.

DFW 2024 Tornado Count by County

The Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex and North Texas have been particularly hard-hit this season. Multiple severe weather outbreaks have spawned numerous tornadoes, causing damage and prompting safety concerns in the region. Preliminary reports indicate that at least 10 tornadoes have been confirmed in North Texas in a single day during one of these outbreaks.

Chart: Compare 2024 Texas Tornado Count to previous years

The greatest number of tornadoes in Texas in a single year is 232, also in 1967. The second-highest number in a single year is 1995, when 223 tornadoes occurred in Texas.

Texas Tornado Mayhem: How Many Twisters Have Wreaked Havoc in 2024?

  • 112 confirmed tornadoes: NOAA data reveals a significant number of tornadoes in Texas for 2024.
  • Active season: This year’s tornado activity has surpassed previous years, with several months of peak season remaining.
  • DFW and North Texas: The region has experienced a high concentration of tornado activity, with multiple outbreaks and significant damage reported.
  • Central US trend: Texas isn’t alone; several states in the central US are experiencing heightened tornado activity.
  • Safety concerns: The increase in tornadoes raises concerns about safety and preparedness.

After Record-Breaking Tornado Year, Could Texas Face a Double Threat with Active Hurricane Season?

Following an unprecedented year of tornadoes, Texans now face the potential for an equally tumultuous hurricane season. Forecasters predict above-average activity due to exceptionally warm Atlantic waters, the development of La Niña, and reduced trade winds. This combination of factors creates a breeding ground for powerful storms, raising concerns about the potential impact on the Texas coast.

With 112 tornadoes already confirmed in 2024, Texans are no strangers to severe weather. However, the looming hurricane season adds another layer of complexity to the state’s disaster preparedness efforts. While it’s impossible to predict the exact number of hurricanes that will make landfall, experts urge residents to remain vigilant and prepare for the possibility of a major storm.

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