Don’t Wait for the Storm: Build a Safe Room Now

Climate change is a reality, and its effects on weather patterns are becoming increasingly apparent. Scientists warn that severe storms, including tornadoes, hurricanes, and intense thunderstorms, are likely to become more frequent and destructive. Waiting to prepare your home and family for these events is a dangerous gamble. The time to build a safe room, … Read more

Seeking Shelter from the Storm: Finding the Safest Haven

When severe weather threatens, knowing where to seek shelter saves lives. The safest place depends on the type of storm. For thunderstorms, staying inside your home is usually best. Avoid activities like showering or using wired electronics, as lightning and flash flooding pose risks. Tornadoes, however, demand the most secure shelter possible. In Oklahoma City, … Read more

Finding Public Storm Shelters: Be Prepared Before the Storm

Knowing where to find designated public shelters ahead of a severe storm is essential, especially if your home doesn’t offer sufficient protection. These shelters are often located in schools, community centers, or other reinforced buildings. Don’t wait until the last minute to seek this vital information. Start by checking your local government’s website or emergency … Read more