Houston’s Powerful Storms Unleash Damaging Wind Gusts After Recent Derecho

Highest Gusts:
75 mph – Bush Airport
67 mph – Galveston
67 mph – Huntsville
66 mph – Pearland
64 mph – Texas A&M – Kyle Field
62 mph – Coldspring
60 mph – Houston-Hobby
58 mph – Sugar Land

Houston experienced a fierce line of storms on May 28th, bringing powerful wind gusts, widespread tree damage, and leaving hundreds of thousands without power.

Power outages across Texas

The storms also unleashed hail and caused street flooding in some areas. This latest storm comes just weeks after a devastating derecho ravaged the city on May 16th, killing eight people, causing widespread damage, and leaving over a million without power for days.

In Magnolia, Texas, located northwest of Houston, severe weather on May 28th also led to a tragic incident at a construction site where a worker was killed in a collapse. According to firefighters, two homes under construction crumbled, trapping workers in the rubble.

These high winds wreaked havoc across the city, uprooting trees, downing power lines, and causing property damage. Emergency crews worked tirelessly to clear debris and restore power to affected areas.

As Houston continues to recover from the recent derecho, residents are urged to remain vigilant and prepared for the possibility of further storms as the weather patterns continue to evolve.

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