General Snow Forecasting

Historic snowstorm in North Texas on 2/12/2010. DFW recorded its greatest 24-hour snowfall of all time (12.5").

Snow is a precipitation type that results from the build-up of ice deposition upon condensation nuclei. The snowflake size is amplified as ice crystals join together as the crystals move in the wind. A common theme in ice crystal development is the 6-sized structure of the ice crystals. The chemical bonding of ice molecules produces … Read more

What determines if snow, sleet, or rain will form?

simulate the formation of snow, sleet, and freezing rain

Explore the type of precipitation Set the air and dew point temperatures by dragging the anchor points and learn what type of precipitation will fall to the ground. Each time you release the mouse button, the simulation starts. Note: Temperature is shown in degrees Celsius. To see the corresponding temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, check out … Read more

Snow: monthly & annual snowfall records for DFW since 1898

Snowfall records for every year since records began

This table shows the total snow and ice accumulations for every relevant month since September 1898 at DFW. Weather records at DFW began ago on September 1, 1898. Jump to statistics for the 30-year period 1981-2010 (DFW normal/average snowfall amounts and number of days annually) Other Weather Records: ● DFW Rainfall Record Since 1898 ● … Read more