February 2018 was the Wettest on Record at DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth)

Radar-estimated rainfall totals for Dallas Fort Worth on February 28, 2018 showing swath of 2 to 5 inches of rain

…Daily rainfall record shattered at DFW on the 28th… …Also the most rainfall ever recorded on ANY day in February… …February 2018 is now the wettest on record for DFW… A heavy rain event on the last day of the month pushed monthly rainfall totals to record levels at DFW Airport in the Dallas/Fort Worth … Read more

DFW total rainfall this year & so far this month

Rainfall at DFW this month and total so far this year

On this page, you will find a real-time tally of rainfall so far this year, and also for the current month. Below those data, are the current 30-year averages (“normals”) for Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW). DFW Rainfall This Month and Year-to-Date Note: Refresh your browser if the data values fail to load within a few seconds. … Read more

Snow: Dallas/Fort Worth’s Top-20 Largest Snowfalls on Record

This chart shows the largest amounts on record for a calendar day. Snow AmountRankDate 11.20″1Feb 11, 2010 (Thu) 7.80″2Jan 15, 1964 (Wed) 7.50″3Feb 17, 1978 (Fri) 4.70″4Nov 13, 1976 (Sat) 4.50″5Mar 01, 1942 (Sun) 4.30″6Jan 16, 1964 (Thu) 4.00″7Jan 30, 1977 (Sun) 4.00″8Jan 24, 1948 (Sat) 4.00″9Jan 22, 1940 (Mon) 3.90″10Mar 07, 1947 (Fri) 3.80″11Jan … Read more

DFW: 2015 is the wettest year on record for Dallas/Fort Worth

Rainfall data for 2015 at DFW and the 117 year trend

Rainfall Records for DFW (Since Records Began) [year]: Rainfall so far this year DFW Records Summary: 2015 is the wettest year on record (rainfall in 2015) Wettest November on record The most rain ever recorded on any day in November (11/27/15) The greatest 2-day total ever recorded within the 215 days between September 23 and … Read more

Snow Amounts at DFW in 2015 January – March

The following table shows the dates that sleet and/or snow fell at DFW Airport during the 2014-2015 winter season, from November 2014 through March 2015.  Most of the sleet and snow fell late in the winter, from February 22 through March 4th. Other Weather Records ➡︎ Browse the growing number of resources on iWeatherNet that … Read more

Snow: monthly & annual snowfall records for DFW since 1898

Snowfall records for every year since records began

This table shows the total snow and ice accumulations for every relevant month since September 1898 at DFW. Weather records at DFW began ago on September 1, 1898. Jump to statistics for the 30-year period 1981-2010 (DFW normal/average snowfall amounts and number of days annually) Other Weather Records: ● DFW Rainfall Record Since 1898 ● … Read more

Monthly rainfall records for DFW from 1898 to present

This table shows the total precipitation for every month since September 1898 at DFW.  Weather records at DFW began ago on September 1, 1898.  These data include all forms of precipitation; snow and sleet are included as melted liquid equivalent. Other Weather Records: ● DFW Snowfall Records ● Monthly Precipitation this Past Year ● New … Read more

DFW weather records: monthly rainfall past 12 months

Rainfall data at DFW for the past 12 months, each month

● Severe Weather ● Storm Reports ● Chaser Cam ● Lightning ● Snow Cover How much rain did DFW get during the month of _______? Monthly rainfall amounts at DFW during the past year The table below provides the total rainfall measured at DFW Airport each month during the past year. Significant Events: May 2015 … Read more

DFW Weather Records Database

➡︎ This search tool allows you to search the entire historical database for weather records at DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) and numerous co-op sites in North Texas. The length of weather records vary from site to site. Other Weather Records: DFW Rainfall Record Since 1898 DFW Snowfall Records Since 1898 Monthly Precipitation this Past Year FAQ: … Read more